Lab Research

LIMPH - Research Vision and Thrusts

Dr. Hassan's laboratory is focussed on developing biosensing technologies for disease diagnostics and therapeutics applications for the global-healthcare settings. Personalized Point-of-Care sensors integrated with computational machine learning systems are the key to achieve health equity and quality health care for all. Our research strategy encompasses the comprehensive clinical translation pathway from biochip development, characterization, and finally its validation in clinical studies.

Point-of-care (POC) devices for Global Health

We develop hand-held, economical, quick test biosensors for Sepsis and HIV/AIDS diagnostics for global health applications.

Bio-inspired MEMS Sensors Design

We design biosensors based on and inspired by humans biological and physiological processes and use them for clinical applications.


We develop technologies to monitor immune system biomarkers for septic patients and test therapeutic targets to engineer the desired immune response.

Personalized Predictive Medicine

We develop predictive machine learning systems for personalized patient stratification by employing sensors and clinical data.