Sheng Wei

PhD Students
- Mengmei Ye (Rutgers ECE, started Fall 2016 at UNL)
- Xianglong Feng (Rutgers ECE, started Fall 2016 at UNL)
- Ke Xia (Rutgers ECE, starting Fall 2019)
- Zhongze Tang (Rutgers ECE, starting Fall 2019)
- Zichen Zhu (Rutgers ECE, starting Fall 2019)
- Nan Jiang (UNL CSE, started Spring 2017)

MS Students
- Ke Xia (Rutgers ECE, Fall 2018 & Spring 2019)
- Jonathan Sherman (UNL, started Fall 2015, co-advising with Dr. Witawas Srisa-an)

Undergraduate Students
- Umama Ahmed, Steven Coulter, Jake Rodin, and Yiwen Zhou (Senior, Rutgers ECE Capstone team, Spring 2019)
- Zeyang Bao (Senior, Rutgers CS, started Spring 2019)
- Zecheng Li (Junior, UNL, started Fall 2016)
- Eric Tran (Junior, UNL, started Summer 2017)
- Quavanti Hart (Senior, Jackson State University, Summer 2017 through the UNL Summer Research Program)

High School Students
- Laura Francisco (Junior, Lincoln East High School, Summer 2017)

- Mehrdad Zaker Shahrak (MS, graduated August 2016, currently PhD student at Arizona State University)
- Endi Xu (Undergrad, UNL, graduated May 2017, joined UCLA for graduate study in Fall 2017)