Data Analysis and Information SecuritY (DAISY) Lab

Data Analysis and Information Security (DAISY) Lab

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The DAISY LAB is led by Prof. Yingying (Jennifer) Chen. You can always stop by her office at Core Building 506 to have an inspired research discussion!

Current Research Areas

The research areas of DAISY LAB include: Applied Machine Learning in Mobile Computing and Sensing, Internet of Things (IoT), Security in AI/ML Systems, Smart Healthcare, and Deep Learning on Mobile Systems.



TrueHeart: Continuous Authentication on Wrist-worn Wearables Using PPG-based Biometrics

We design low-cost user authentication system (TrueHeart) that leverages intrinsic cardiac biometrics extracted with photoplethysmography (PPG) sensors to verify user identity. Our system only utilizes readily available PPG sensors on wrist-worn wearable devices and does not require any additional user efforts.

PPG-based Finger-level Gesture Recognition Leveraging Wearables

We also demonstrate that it is feasible to leverage the PPG sensors in wrist-worn wearable devices to enable finger-level gesture recognition, which could facilitate many emerging human-computer interactions (e.g., sign-language interpretation and virtual reality). We introduce the first PPG-based gesture recognition system that can differentiate fine-grained hand gestures at finger level using commodity wearable devices.

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