Welcome to the Communications and Signal Processing Laboratory,
Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey.
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  • Our group conducts research in the area of statistical signal processing, with emphasis on system modeling and system identification. Applications of interest include wireless communications, networking and biomedical engineering.



    May 2016

    Our colleague and recent CSPL graduate Dr. Shunqiao Sun receives the 2016 ECE Academic Accomplishment award!


  • Opening 1 NEW

    A research assistant position is available for a PhD student in the area of cross-layer approaches for wireless communication networks.

  • Opening 2 NEW

    An undergraduate student to work on a project sponsored by the US National Science Foundation on the topic of wireless communications. The work involves obtaining measurements using transmitters and receivers, analyzing data, and testing algorithms for channel estimation. The student will receive salary on an hourly basis, participate in publications that will result from the project, and will be supported to travel to conferences.