ECE 312: Discrete Mathematics, Rutgers University, Spring 2018

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Course Syllabus

Spring 2018

Course Description

Basic mathematical modeling is at the heart of engineering. In both electrical and computer engineering, many systems must be modeled using discrete formulations. This course will give students the foundations in discrete mathematics needed to model modern computer systems. Students will be introduced to the mathematical tools of logic and set theory, combinatorics, number theory, and graph theory.


Salim El Rouayheb
Rutgers Office location: CoRE 717
Office hours: M/W 5:00-6:00 pm (after the lectures).

Time and Location

Classroom SEC 111, Science and Engineering Resource Center, BUSCH campus
M/W 3:20-4:40 pm

Teaching Assistants


Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications (seventh edition), Kenneth H. Rosen, McGraw-Hill, 2007

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