Sophocles J. Orfanidis

        ECE Department, Rutgers University

        September 2023

I recently retired from the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering at Rutgers University.
The direct links to my online books and to some past course materials are listed below.


Electromagnetic Waves and Antennas (2016),   citations,   additional citations,   see also

Introduction to Signal Processing (1st edition 2010),   citations

Introduction to Signal Processing (2nd edition 2023)

Applied Optimum Signal Processing (2018)

Optimum Signal Processing (2nd edition 2007)


332:521 Digital Signals and Filters (includes Lecture Notes on Elliptic Filter Design)

332:525 Optimum Signal Processing (includes Lecture Notes on SVD and its applications)

332:580 Electric Waves and Radiation

332:447 Digital Signal Processing Design

332:345 Linear Systems and Signals

332:346 Digital Signal Processing

332:348 DSP Laboratory

332:231 Digital Logic Design

440:127 Introduction to MATLAB

ADSP-2181 Experiments

High-Order Digital Parametric Equalizer Design,   citations,   additional citations