The Fourth International Workshop on System Management Techniques, Processes, and Services  (SMTPS)

Important Dates

Paper Submission Deadline:      

December 24, 2007 (Extended!!!)

Notification of Acceptance:     

January 9, 2008 (Extended due to holidays)

Camera Ready Submission: 

January 28, 2008


Contact Information


Workshop General Chair

Yanyong Zhang, Rutgers Univ.


Technical Co-Chairs

Fabrizio Petrini, IBM Research

Kyung Dong Ryu, IBM Research

Ramendra K. Sahoo, IBM Research


Publicity Chair

Weikuan Yu, ORNL,


Program Committee

Ricardo Bianchini(Rutgers Univ.)

Henri Casanova (Univ. of Hawaii)

I-hsin Chung (IBM Research)

Dick Epema (Delft University of Technology)

Dror Feitelson (Hebrew University)

John Janakiraman (HP)

Joefon Jann (IBM Research)

Jose E. Moreira (IBM Research)

Manish Parashar (Rutgers Univ.)

Rolf Riesen (Sandia)

Anand Sivasubramaniam (Penn. State)

Rajeev Thakur (Argonne) 

Wenyuan Xu (Univ. of South Carolina)

Andy Yoo (LLNL)

Weikuan Yu (ORNL)


Submission Instruction

Paper submission/review will be handled by EDAS. Prior to submitting papers, authors should first create an EDAS account. The workshop is listed under IPDPS 08, with the short name SMTPS 08.


Advance Program


Previous Workshops

SMTPS 2007

SMTPS 2006

SMTPS 2005



To be held  in conjunction with

The 2008 International Parallel and Distributed Processing Symposium






April 14, 2008, Miami, FL




 In today's on-demand era the usage of computer systems are broadened the scope to cover from pervasive systems to high-end and high performance server systems depending on business or scientific computing needs.  In our fourth year of SMTPS, we would like to expand our workshop topics to cover pervasive and multi-core system management issues, going beyond high-performance server systems. From a systems management point of view, there are many common issues, whether a system is a high-end server environment or a low-cost pervasive system.  For instance, system administrators for servers, distributed systems or even supercomputers need to strive to provide satisfactory services to applications even in the presence of interruptions and exceptions. Moreover, while there is a need to provide runtime management techniques, which are self-adapting and light-weight on one hand, the demand for faster processing power, brings in multi-core process architectures for pervasive usage on the other hand.  There is also a recent trend to run traditional applications designed for high-end systems on either resource-constrained pervasive systems or small-scale multi-core systems, due to the fast changing computational demands, while minimizing systems management, resources involved to cut down the costs.


This workshop is intended to bring together researchers and practitioners to identify the new challenges imposed by these new trends and investigating efficient software tools, techniques and service processes to improve the performance, reliability and operation of a spectrum of parallel and distributed systems ranging from pervasive systems to enterprise servers.


Topics of interest include, and are not limited to:


¨ Scalable operating system design

¨ Resource management

¨ Power management, energy conservation

¨ Failure diagnosis, failure prediction and failure recovery

¨ Failure-aware runtime management

¨ System bring-up, maintenance and control tools

¨ System virtualization

¨ Storage management

¨ Scalable I/O and file system management

¨ Integrating emerging processor architecture (e.g. multi-core architecture) into systems

¨ Optimization techniques for services management

¨ Services engineering and utility computing techniques


Results of both theoretical and practical significance will be considered including other related interesting topics in their infancy.