A D V A N C E     P R O G R A M



8:30 –8:45        Welcoming Remarks


8:45 –9:45   Keynote Address

                               Chasing Idle Cycles  

Grzegorz Czajkowski (Google)


 9:45 –10:00       break


 Session 1:        Cloud Management (10:00 – 12:00)


10:00 – 10:30 Resource Monitoring and Management with OVIS to Enable HPC in Cloud Computing Environments  (Best Paper)

J. Brandt, A.Gentile, J. Mayo, P. Pebay, D. Roe, D. Thompson, M. Wong (Sandia National Laboratories, US)


 10:30 – 11:00 Blue Eyes: Scalable and Reliable System Management for Cloud Computing

S. Song (University of Maryland, US); K. Ryu, D. Da Silva (IBM T.J. Watson Research Center, US)


 11:00 –11:30 Distributed Management of Virtual Cluster Infrastructures

M. Murphy, M. Fenn, L. Abraham, J. Canter, B. Sterrett, S. Goasg  (Clemson University, US)


11:30 – 12:00 Desktop to Cloud Transformation Planning

K. Beaty, A. Kochut, H. Shaikh (IBM T. J. Watson Research, US)


 noon –14:00 lunch

Session 2: Resource Scheduling (14:00-15:30)


14:00 –14:30 A Global Scheduling Framework for Virtualization Environments (best student paper)

Y. Etsion, T. Ben-Nun, D. G. Feitelson (The Hebrew University, IL)


14:30 –15:00 Symmetric Mapping: an architectural pattern for resource supply in Grids and Clouds

X. Grehant (CERN, CH); I.Demeure (ENST, FR)


15:00 –15:30 Performability Evaluation EFT Systems for SLA

E.Sousa, P. Maciel, C. Araujo, F. Chicout (Federal University of Pernambuco, BR)



15:30 –16:00 break


Session 3:       Cloud Optimization (16:00 –17:30)


16:00 –16:30 Low Power Mode in Cloud Storage Systems

D. Harnik, D. Naor, I. Segall (IBM Haifa Research Labs, IL)

16:30 –17:00 Predicting Cache Needs and Cache Sensitivity for Applications in Cloud Computing on CMP Servers with Configurable Caches

J. Machina, A.Sodan (University of Windsor, CA)


17:00 –17:30 Application Level I/O Caching on Blue Gene/P Systems

S. Seelam, I. Chung, J. Bauer, H. Yu, H. Wen (IBM T. J. Watson Research Center, US)


17:30–17:45 Award Ceremony and Closing Remarks



The Fifth International Workshop on System Management Techniques, Processes, and Services  (SMTPS)

Special Focus on Cloud Computing