Applied Optimum
Signal Processing

Sophocles J. Orfanidis

ECE Department
Rutgers University
94 Brett Road
Piscataway, NJ 08854-8058

Tel: 848-445-5017

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This book is an updated and much enlarged 2018 edition of Optimum Signal Processing, which was published in 2007 as a republication of the second edition published by McGraw-Hill Publishing Company, New York, NY, in 1988 (ISBN 0-07-047794-9), and also published earlier by Macmillan, Inc., New York, NY, 1988 (ISBN 0-02-389380-X). All copyrights to this work reverted to Sophocles J. Orfanidis in 1996.

Initially posted online in August 2018. Latest revision date - August 1, 2018.

The entire book is freely available in PDF 2-up format, and in PDF 1-up format. Individual chapters are available below.

A printed version is also available as a two-volume 6x9 paperback set ( vol.1, vol.2).

Table of Contents

Ch.1: Review of Random Signals
Probability concepts, Chebyshev's inequality, joint and conditional densities, Bayes' rule, correlation canceling and optimum estimation, regression lemma, Gram-Schmidt orthogonalization of random variables, partial correlations, random signals, power spectrum, sample autocorrelation, periodogram, filtering of stationary random signals, random signal models, stability and stationarity, parameter estimation, linear prediction and signal modeling, Cramér-Rao bound and maximum likelihood, minimum-phase signals and filters, spectral factorization theorem, minimum-phase property of the prediction-error filter.

Ch.2: Signal Extraction Basics
Noise reduction and signal enhancement concepts and tradeoffs, first-order exponential smoother, FIR averaging filters.

Ch.3: Local Polynomial Filters
Local polynomial filters (Schiaparelli-DeForest-Gram-Hardy-Sheppard-Henderson-Whittaker-Savitzky- Golay), local polynomial fitting, geometric interpretation, orthogonal polynomial bases, discrete Chebyshev/Gram polynomials, polynomial predictive and interpolation filters, minimum variance filters, predictive differentiation filters, filtering implementations.

Ch.4: Minimum Roughness Filters
Weighted local polynomial filters, Henderson minimum-Rs filters, Hahn orthogonal polynomials, maximally-flat filters and Krawtchouk polynomials, missing data and outliers.

Ch.5: Local Polynomial Modeling
Weighted local polynomial modeling, bandwidth selection, local polynomial interpolation, variable bandwidth, repeated observations, loess smoothing.

Ch.6: Exponential Smoothing
Mean tracking, forecasting and state-space models, higher-order polynomial smoothing filters, linear trend FIR filters, higher-order exponential smoothing, steady-state exponential smoothing, smoothing parameter selection, single, double, and triple exponential smoothing, Tukey's twicing operation, twicing and zero-lag filters, local level, local slope, local acceleration filters, basis transformations and EMA initialization, Holt's exponential smoothing, state-space models for Holt's method, filtering methods and technical analysis in financial market trading: moving average filters (SMA, WMA, TMA), integrated linear regression slope indicator (ILRS), predictive moving average filters, single, double, and triple EMA indicators (EMA, DEMA, TEMA, WEMA), linear regression, linear regression slope, and R-square indicators, R-squared critical values, Student's t-distribution, standard deviation index, time series forecast, initialization schemes, Butterworth moving average filters, reduced-lag level and slope filters (GDEMA, ZEMA, HMA, EHMA, SHMA, T3), envelopes, bands, and channels (Bollinger, standard-error, projection, fixed-width, Donchian, Keltner, Starc bands, average true range, parabolic SAR), delays, momentum, oscillators, relative strength index (RSI), Chande momentum oscillator, vertical-horizontal filter, directional movement system, momentum, price rate of change, price oscillator and MACD, stochastic, percent-K, percent-D, accumulation/distribution line, Chaikin oscillator-money flow-volatility, positive/negative volume indices, commodity channel index, detrended price oscillator, dynamic momentum index, forecast oscillator, TRIX oscillator, variable-length EMA, Open-High-Low-Close bar charts.

Ch.7: Smoothing Splines
Interpolation versus smoothing, variational approach, natural cubic smoothing splines, optimality of natural splines, generalized cross validation, repeated observations, equivalent filter, stochastic model, computational aspects.

Ch.8: Whittaker-Henderson Smoothing
Whittaker-Henderson smoothing methods, regularization filters, Hodrick-Prescott filters, Wiener filter interpretation, regularization and kernel machines, sparse Whittaker-Henderson methods, L1 trend filtering, iterative reweighted L1 and L0 regularization, total variation minimization.

Ch.9: Periodic Signal Extraction
Notch and comb filters for periodic signals, seasonal fractional delay filters, signal averaging, ideal seasonal decomposition filters, classical seasonal decomposition, seasonal moving-average filters, census X-11 decomposition filters, Musgrave asymmetric filters, seasonal Whittaker-Henderson decomposition with L2 and L1 regularization.

Ch.10: Wavelets
Multiresolution analysis, dilation equations, wavelet filter properties, multiresolution and filter banks, fast discrete wavelet transform, multiresolution decomposition, wavelet denoising, undecimated wavelet transform.

Ch.11: Wiener Filtering
Linear and nonlinear estimation of signals, orthogonality and normal equations, stationary Wiener filter, construction of the Wiener filter by prewhitening, Wiener filter as Kalman filter, construction of the Wiener filter by the gapped function, construction of the Wiener filter by covariance factorization, Kalman filter.

Ch.12: Pure Prediction and Signal Modeling
Autoregressive models, linear prediction and the Levinson recursion, Levinson's algorithm in matrix form, autocorrelation sequence extensions, split Levinson algorithm, analysis and synthesis lattice filters, alternative proof of the minimum-phase property, orthogonality of backward prediction errors, Cholesky factorization, Schur algorithm, lattice realizations of FIR Wiener filters, autocorrelation, covariance, and Burg's methods, dynamic predictive deconvolution, waves in layered media, least-squares waveshaping and spiking filters, ARIMA modeling example.

Ch.13: Kalman Filtering
State-space models, Kalman filter and its derivation, forecasting and missing observations, Kalman filter with deterministic inputs, time-invariant models, steady-state Kalman filters, continuous-time Kalman filter, equivalence of Kalman and Wiener filtering, fixed-interval smoothing, square-root algorithms, maximum likelihood parameter estimation, parameter estimation with the EM algorithm.

Ch.14: Spectrum Estimation and Array Processing
Spectrum estimation by autoregressive modeling, spectral analysis of sinusoids in noise, superresolution array processing, eigenvector methods, MUSIC method, minimum-norm method, reduced-order method, maximum mikelihood method, ESPRIT method, spatial smoothing, asymptotic properties, linearly-constrained minimum-variance beamforming (LCMV), generalized sidelobe canceler (GSC), Markowitz mean variance portfolio theory.

Ch.15: SVD and Signal Processing
Vector and matrix norms, subspaces, bases, and projections, fundamental theorem of linear algebra, solving linear equations, singular value decomposition, Moore-Penrose pseudoinverse, least-squares problems and the SVD, condition number, reduced-rank approximation, regularization of ill-conditioned problems, sparse regularization, L1 and L0 regularization, iterative reweighted least squares, SVD and signal processing, least-squares linear prediction, MA and ARMA modeling, Karhunen-Loève transform, principal component analysis (PCA), SVD signal enhancement, singular spectrum analysis (SSA), structured matrix approximations, matrix pencil methods, QR factorization, canonical correlation analysis (CCA).

Ch.16: Adaptive Filters
Adaptive implementation of Wiener filters, correlation canceler loop (CCL), Widrow-Hoff LMS adaptation algorithm, adaptive linear combiner, adaptive FIR Wiener filter, speed of convergence, adaptive channel equalizers, adaptive echo cancelers, adaptive noise canceling, adaptive line enhancer, adaptive linear prediction, adaptive implementation of pisarenko's method, gradient adaptive lattice filters, adaptive Gram-Schmidt preprocessors, rank-one modification of covariance matrices, RLS adaptive filters, fast RLS filters, RLS lattice filters.

Appendices, References, Index

Copyright Notices

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MATLAB (R) is a registered trademark of The MathWorks, Inc.

OSP Toolbox by S. J. Orfanidis, August 2018.

CVX software by Michael Grant and Stephen Boyd, September 2013.

MATLAB Toolbox

The OSP toolbox contains about 270 MATLAB functions for carrying out all of the computations and simulation examples in the book. Code segments illustrating the usage of these functions are found throughout the book, and serve as a user manual. Please read the license agreement before using the toolbox. The zipped file (last revised on August 1, 2018) contains all the MATLAB functions. Note that just typing the name of any function will produce a help/usage comment for that function. The detailed list of the MATLAB functions is as follows:

Local Polynomial Smoothing Filters
binom - vector of binomial coefficients
bkfilt - Baxter-King bandpass filter
cldec - classical decomposition method
combfd - comb fractional-delay filter design
compl - complement of an odd-length symmetric filter
diffb - backward difference operator
diffmat - difference convolution matrix
diffpol - differentiate polynomial
diffs - seasonal backward difference operator
ecg - ECG generator
ecgsim - ECG simulation
filtdbl - filtering with double-sided FIR filter
hahnbasis - Hahn orthogonal polynomials
hahncoeff - coefficients of Hahn orthogonal polynomials
hahnpol - Hahn orthogonal polynomial evaluation
hahnrec - Hahn orthogonal polynomials
hend - Henderson weighting function
kmat - difference convolution matrix
kraw - Krawtchouk binomial weighting function
kwindow - Kaiser window for spectral analysis
lagrfd - Lagrange-interpolation fractional-delay filter
lpbasis - local polynomial basis
lpdiff - weighted local polynomial differentiation filters
lpfilt - local polynomial filtering - fast version
lpfilt2 - local polynomial filtering - slower version
lpinterp - local polynomial interpolation and differentiation filters
lpmat - local polynomial smoothing matrix
lpmissing - weighted local polynomial filters for missing data
lprs - local polynomial minimum-Rs smoothing filters
lprs2 - local polynomial minimum-Rs smoothing filters (closed-form)
lpsm - weighted local polynomial smoothing and differentiation filters
minrev - minimum revision asymmetric filters
polval - polynomial evaluation in factorial power series
rlpfilt - robust local polynomial filtering
sigav - signal averaging
smadec - decomposition using seasonal moving-average filters
smafilt - impulse responses of seasonal decomposition moving average filters
smat - seasonal moving-average filtering matrix
smav - seasonal moving average filter
stirling - Stirling numbers of first or second kind, signed or unsigned
swhdec - seasonal Whittaker-Henderson decomposition
trendma - trend moving-average filter, 2xD if D is even, 1xD if D is odd
upmat - upsample matrix of smoothing filters
whkdec - Whittaker-Henderson-Kaiser seasonal decomposition
x11dec - US Census X-11 decomposition method for seasonal adjustment
x11filt - impulse responses of the US Census X-11 seasonal adjustment filters

Local Linear Regression
avobs - average repeated observations
locband - bandwidth for local polynomial regression
locgcv - local polynomial GCV and CV evaluation
locgrid - uniform grid for local polynomial evaluation
locpol - local polynomial regression
locval - evaluation/interpolation of local polynomial regression
locw - local weighting functions for local polynomial regression
loess - Cleveland's robust locally weighted scatterplot smoothing (loess)
loess2 - Cleveland's robust locally weighted scatterplot smoothing (loess)

Spline and Whittaker-Henderson Smoothing
splambda - find optimum lambda for spline smoothing using GCV
splav - averaged repeated observations at spline knots
splcoeff - spline coefficients
splgcv - evaluate GCV(lambda)
splmat - spline smoothing matrices Q,T
splsm - spline smoothing using Reinsch's algorithm
splsm2 - spline smoothing using Reinsch's algorithm - robust version
splval - evaluate spline smoothing polynomials
whgcv - Whittaker-Henderson GCV
whgen - generalized Whittaker-Henderson
whimp - Whittaker-Henderson filter impulse response
whsm - Whittaker-Henderson smoothing method
whsm1 - Whittaker-Henderson smoothing method - L1 version

Exponentially Weighted Average
binmat - binomial boost matrices for exponential smoothers
ema - exponential moving average - exact version
emaerr - calculate MAE, MSE, and MAPE for a range of lambda's
emap - map equivalent lambdas between d=0 EMA and d=1 EMA
emat - polynomial to cascaded transformation matrix
holt - Holt's exponential smoothing
holterr - calculate MAE, MSE, and MAPE for a range of lambda's
mema - multiple exponential moving average
stema - steady-state exponential moving average

Linear Prediction & Wiener and Kalman Filtering Functions
acext - autocorrelation sequence extension using Levinson recursion
acf - sample auto-correlation function
acmat - construct autocorrelation Toeplitz matrix from autocorrelation lags
acsing - sinusoidal representation of singular autocorrelation matrices
aicmdl - estimates dimension of signal subspace from AIC and MDL criteria
argen - generate a zero-mean segment of an AR process
bkwlev - backward Levinson recursion
burg - Burg's method of linear prediction
dir2nl - direct form to normalized lattice
dpd - dynamic predictive deconvolution
dwf - sample processing algorithm of direct-form Wiener filter
dwf2 - direct-form Wiener filter using circular delay-line buffer
dwfilt - direct-form Wiener filtering of data
dwfilt2 - circular-buffer direct-form Wiener filtering of data
faest - sample processing algorithm of adaptive lattice Wiener filter
firw - FIR Wiener filter design
flipv - flip a vector, column, row, or both for a matrix
frwlev - forward Levinson recursion
glwf - sample processing algorithm of lattice Wiener filter
kfilt - Kalman filtering
ksmooth - Kalman smoothing
latt - sample processing algorithm of analysis lattice filter
lattfilt - lattice filtering of a data vector
lattsect - sample processing algorithm of a single lattice section
lattsynth - sample processing algorithm of synthesis lattice filter
lev - Levinson-Durbin recursion
lms - sample processing LMS algorithm of direct-form Wiener filter
lpf - extract linear prediction filter from matrix L
lpg - extract reflection coefficients from matrix L
lpspec - compute LP spectrum of a prediction-error filter
lwf - sample processing algorithm of lattice Wiener filter
lwfilt - lattice Wiener filtering of data
mgs - adaptive modified Gram-Schmidt
mgslms - adaptive Gram-Schmidt using LMS
minorm - minimum-norm noise subspace eigenvector
music - MUSIC spectrum computation
nlfilt - filtering in the normalized lattice form
obmat - observability matrix for canonical or transposed realizations
obmatc - observability matrix for continuous-time
rlev - reverse of Levinson's algorithm
rls - RLS algorithm for adaptive linear combiner
rlsl - sample processing algorithm of lattice Wiener filter
rmusic - minimum-norm noise subspace eigenvector
scatt - direct scattering problem
schur1 - Schur algorithm for linear prediction
schur2 - Schur algorithm for Cholesky factorization
spike - spiking filter design
yw - Yule-Walker method of linear prediction

SVD, Subspace, and ARMA Modeling Functions
arma2imp - ARMA impulse response
armaacf - ARMA autocorrelation function
armachol - ARMA covariance matrix Cholesky factorization
armafit - fitting an ARMA(p,q) model to covariance lags
armainf - ARMA asymptotic Fisher information matrix
armainnov - ARMA modeling using the innovations method
armamf - Mayne-Firoozan ARMA modeling method
armamyw - ARMA modeling by the modified Yule-Walker method
armasim - simulate a zero-mean segment of a gaussian ARMA process
armasim2 - simulate a zero-mean segment of a gaussian ARMA process
bwidth - beamwidth mapping from psi-space to phi-space
cca - Canonical Correlation Analysis
ccacov - CCA applied to a covariance matrix
cholgs - Cholesky factorization by Gram-Schmidt orthogonalization
cholinnov - Cholesky factorization by innovations representation
crb - calculate Cramer-Rao bounds for sinusoids in noise
crb2 - calculate Cramer-Rao bounds for sinusoids in noise
datamat - convolution data matrix of a signal vector
datasig - extract data signal from a Toeplitz or Toeplitz/Hankel data matrix
dolph - Dolph-Chebyshev array weights
fisher - calculate Fisher information matrix for sinusoids in noise
imp2arma - impulse response to ARMA coefficients
irls - Lp_regularized iteratively reweighted least squares
irls_wh - Lp_regularized IRLS Whittaker-Henderson
lpls - construct least-squares linear prediction filter from data matrix
madurbin - MA modeling by Durbin's method
mafit - Wilson's method of fitting an MA(q) model to covariance lags
mainnov - MA modeling by the innovations method
mpencil - matrix-pencil method of extracting sinusoids in noise
poly2 - specialized version of poly
scan - scan array with given scanning phase
setrank - reduce the rank of a diagonal matrix of singular values
sigsub - construct reduced-rank signal subspace of a data matrix
sines - generate sum of real or complex decaying sinusoids in noise
snap - generate snapshot matrix for array problems
snapshot - generate data matrix of snapshots for array problems
snr - magnitude to SNR in dB, and conversely
steer - steer array towards given angle
steering - construct steering matrix of multiple sinusoids/plane-waves
steermat - construct steering matrix of multiple sinusoids/plane-waves
svdenh - SVD signal enhancement
toepl - Toeplitz, Hankel, or Toeplitz/Hankel approximation of data matrix
varper - percentage variances

Wavelet Functions
advance - circular time-advance (left-shift) of a vector
casc - cascade algorithm for phi and psi wavelet functions
circonv - circular convolution
cmf - conjugate mirror of a filter
convat - convolution a trous
convmat - sparse convolution matrix
convmat2 - sparse convolution matrix (simplified version)
daub - Daubechies scaling filters (daublets, symmlets, coiflets)
dn2 - downsample by a factor of 2
dwtcell - cell array of sparse discrete wavelet transform matrices
dwtdec - DWT decomposition into orthogonal multiresolution components
dwtmat - discrete wavelet transform matrices
dwtmat2 - discrete wavelet transform matrices
dwtwrap - wrap a DWT matrix into a lower DWT matrix
flipv - flip a vector, column, row, or both for a matrix
fwt - fast wavelet transform using convolution and downsampling
fwtm - fast wavelet transform in matrix form
fwtmat - overall DWT orthogonal matrix
ifwt - inverse fast wavelet transform using upsampling and convolution
ifwtm - inverse fast wavelet transform in matrix form
iuwt - inverse undecimated wavelet transform
iuwtm - inverse undecimated wavelet transform
modwrap - wrap matrix column-wise mod-N
phinit - eigenvector initialization of phi
plotdec - plot DWT/UWT decomposition or DWT/UWT coefficients
up2 - upsample a vector by factor of two
upr - upsample a vector by factor of 2^r
uwt - undecimated wavelet transform
uwtdec - UWT multiresolution decomposition
uwtm - undecimated wavelet transform
uwtmat - undecimated wavelet transform matrices
uwtmat2 - undecimated wavelet transform matrices
w2V - wavelet vector to wavelet matrix
wcoeff - extract wavelet coefficients from DWT at given level
wdenoise - Donoho & Johnstone's VisuShrink denoising procedure
wduwt - wavelet denoising with UWT
wthr - soft/hard level-dependent wavelet thresholding

Technical Analysis Functions
accdist - accumulation/distribution line
atr - true range & average true range
bbands - Bollinger bands
bma - Butterworth moving average
cci - commodity channel index
chosc - Chaikin oscillator
chvol - Chaikin volatility
cmflow - Chaikin money flow
cmo - Chande momentum oscillator
delay - lag or delay or advance by d samples
dema - steady-state double exponential moving average
dirmov - directional movement system
dmi - dynamic momentum index (DMI)
donch - Donchian channels
dpo - detrended price oscillator
ehma - exponential Hull moving average
fbands - fixed-envelope bands
forosc - forecast oscillator
gdema - generalized dema
hma - Hull moving average
ilrs - integrated linear regression slope indicator
kbands - Keltner bands or channels
lreg - linear regression, slope, and R-squared indicators
mom - momentum and price rate of change
ohlc - make Open-High-Low-Close bar chart
ohlcyy - OHLC plot with other indicators on the same graph
pbands - Projection Bands and Projection Oscillator
pma - predictive moving average, linear fit
pma2 - predictive moving average, polynomial order d=1,2
pmaimp - predictive moving average impulse response
pmaimp2 - predictive moving average impulse response, d=1,2
pnvi - positive and negative volume indices (PVI & NVI)
prosc - price oscillator & MACD
psar - Wilder's parabolic SAR
r2crit - R-squared critical values
rsi - relative strength index (RSI)
sebands - standard-error bands
sema - single exponential moving average
shma - SMA-based Hull moving average
sma - simple moving average
stbands - STARC bands
stdev - standard deviation index
stoch - stochastic oscillator
t3 - Tillson's T3 indicator, triple gdema
tcrit - critical values of Student's t-distribution
tdistr - cumulative t-distribution
tema - triple exponential moving average
tma - triangular moving average
trix - TRIX oscillator
vema - variable-length exponential moving average
vhfilt - Vertical Horizontal filter
wema - Wilder's exponential moving average
wma - weighted or linear moving average
yylim - adjust left/right ylim & ticks

Miscellaneous Functions
canfilt - IIR filtering in canonical form using linear delay-line buffer
ccan - IIR filter in canonical form using circular delay-line buffer
ccanfilt - IIR filtering in canonical form using circular delay-line buffer
frespc - frequency response of a cascaded IIR filter at a frequency vector w
loadfile - load data file ignoring any text lines
taxis - define time axis
up - upsample by a factor of L
ustep - unit-step or rising unit-step function
xaxis - set x-axis limits and tick marks
yaxis - set y-axis limits and tick marks
zmean - zero mean of each column of a data matrix (or row vector)