Ideas for Software Engineering Team Projects  

Each project is designed to be done by a team of 4-6 students during an academic semester, in conjunction with lectures and other class activities.
The projects are designed to be used with the software engineering textbook by I. Marsic. Appendix G of the book contains a worked example of
a software engineering project.
The problems identified in these projects will persist because they are human problems and people have not changed much.
The example solutions and the technologies used to implement them have become outdated, but even so, it is interesting to see how others approached the problem.

Here are some guidelines for writing a software engineering proposal, in case you wish to write your own software engineering proposal.

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PHP MySQL Tutorial

Project #1:   Personal Health Monitoring

Develops software solutions for continuous monitoring of person’s physical activities
and vital signs, and motivating people to be more physically active.
Described at the project website here

Project #2:   El Farol Bar Problem and the Minority Game

Develops a software simulator that models a population of simple brains
engaged in decision-making and learning. Described at the project website here

Project #3:   Parking Garage Automation

Develops a computerized system to manage parking usage and online reservations for a parking garage.
Described at the project website here.

Project #4:   Traffic Monitoring

Develops a system to inform the user of road and traffic conditions in the area of interest.
Described at the project website here.

Project #5:   Stock Market Investment Fantasy League

Develops a fantasy game that allows aspiring investors to learn how to trade financial stocks.
The game supports trading activities and simulates a broker who pretends to execute trading orders.
Details in the book, Section 1.5.4.
Relevant problems:   Problem 2.8 and Problem 2.11; plus solutions on the back of the book.
Project website here

Project #6:   Web-based Stock Forecasters

Described in the book, Section 1.5.5.
Note: This project is intended for graduate courses, such as Software Engineering of Web Applications.
Project website here

Project #7:   Virtual Instructional Laboratories

Develop a step-by-step visual simulation of engineering or biology topics to supplement actual labs.
Described at the project website here.

Project #8:   Restaurant Automation

Develops a computerized system to help restaurant personnel coordinate their activities and improve their services, and for the management to track business growth and create future plans.
Described at the project website here.

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