Ground terrain scene appearance has applications automated driving, robot navigation, virtual reality and scene semantics. We present: GTOS - ground terrain in outdoor scenes. Materials are measured within the context of their scene and captured under multiple lighting conditions (different times of day and weather conditions) and viewing directions (using an articulated robot arm).

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GTOS (Ground Terrain in Outdoor Scenes), a first-of-its-kind in-scene material reflectance database, consists of over 30,000 images covering 40 classes of outdoor ground terrain under varying weather and lighting conditions. The 40 surface classes mostly have between 4 and 14 instances (samples of intra-class variability) and each instance is imaged under 19 viewing directions. The class names are: cement, asphalt, painted asphalt , brick, soil, muddy stone, mud, mud-puddle, grass, dry leaves, leaves, asphalt-puddle, mulch, metal grating, plastic, sand, stone, artificial turf, aluminum, limestone, painted turf, pebbles, roots, moss, loose asphalt-stone, asphalt-stone, cloth, paper, plastic cover, shale, painted cover, stone-brick, sandpaper, steel, dry grass, rusty cover, glass, stone-cement, icy mud, and snow.



Coming soon,GTIS (Ground Terrain in Indoor Scenes)